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The stunning cloud range with its gentle dappled effect offers movement of flowing colours, allowing tone and light variations to your project. The popular pool and spa shades harmonize with natural landscapes.  These colours offer a selection from light delicate shades to bold dark shades which will adapt to the most diverse of projects.

Sheet Size: 495x310mm
Tile Size: 25x25mm

2560-A Grey

2521-B Pale Blue

2529-B Pale Green

grey cloud.PNG
sky blue cloud.PNG
2529 b.PNG

2508-A Sky Blue

blue passion.PNG

2510-A Pale Turquoise

2505-A Mid Blue

2503-D Royal Blue

2562-B Mid Dark Blue

devil blue cloud.PNG
blue water cloud.PNG
china blue cloud.PNG
mystic blue cloud.PNG

2502-A Jade Green

2501-B Black

nero cloud.PNG
fancy teal cloud.PNG
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