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Lifestile Pavers are stockists of Laticrete and SAS products. Product categories include adhesives and mortars, thick-bed mortars and screeds, grouts, caulks and sealants, sound control, uncoupling, anti-fracture, vapor reduction, waterproofing, shower system components – all designed to work together, providing a comprehensive, warrantied installation and ways to protect, clean and transform tile and stone projects for years to come. For further information, questions or product specifications on Latcrete, please visit the LATICRETE website. For technical questions and installation advice, please call 1800 331 012. For further infomation, questions or product specifications on SAS, please visit the SAS website


Lifestile Pavers are stockists of Aqua Mix Sealers, Cleaners & Problem Solver products. Aqua Mix products for any type of stone, tile, grout and masonry are preferred by professionals and homeowners for their easy-to-use formulas and high-quality results. Homeowners appreciate the easy-to-use formulas that afford them the opportunity to use the products that industry professionals recommend, so they can maintain their high-quality installations properly. For further information on products, please visit the Aqua Mix website. For technical questions and application advice, please call 1300 278 264.


Lifestile pavers are stockists of Baines Masonry products. Baines Masonry manufactures a complete range concrete products including Retaining Wall Systems, Blocks and Pavers in a wide variety of styles and colours. We stock charcoal retaining wall blocks in the Tasman range, however we are able to order whichever colour you require. For further information on the product range, specifications and colours, please visit the Baines Masonry website. For technical questions and support, please call (02) 4631 1383.

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