skimmer lids

Lifestile Pavers are stockists of QUAD and HIDE Skimmer Lid Products. The QUAD lid includes your selected piece of stone being sent away and being set into a 315 Marine Grade Stainless Steel tray, a recessed frame to protect the surrounding pavers and a key to access the skimmer box. QUAD lids add a clean and seamless finish to your pool area.


The HIDE kit allows your tradesman to set in different materials into the lid to achieve a flush and perfect match to the surroundings, including any patterns or grout lines to be incorporated into the lid during installation. This is achieved by re positioning the safety keyhole on the edge of the lid which can be cut by your tradesman.

Lifestile Pavers also stock 100x100mm inspection drains with tile insert to seamlessly blend with your paving selection.

skimmer lids.PNG