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delivery information


  • Lifestile Pavers use an external transport company. Our deliveries take place in the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Sydney Shire, Southern Highlands, Macarthur, Central Coast and Riverina areas.

  • All deliveries are made to the Nature Strip only. Our drivers require 3 metres wide and 4 metres high vehicle access.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to advise of any obstacles the truck driver may face (including, but not limited to, one way access, dead end roads, busy streets, battle axe blocks, grade of slope greater than 13 degrees and any road restrictions).

  • We are unable to advise an exact time for delivery. Deliveries can take place from 7.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Never organise a delivery for the same day as tradesman starting a job, in case unforeseen circumstances prevent the transport company from delivering on that day.

  • Specific delivery instructions can be made by the customer, in which the transport company will make every effort to accommodate. HOWEVER it shall always be up to the discretion of the driver, we ask that you never question the driver's decision.



  • Lead times on orders will be from 5 business days.

  • Customers do not need to be home at time of delivery. The driver will place the goods on the Nature Strip or a suitable location.

  • Our deliveries take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In the event of scheduling a delivery on Monday or Friday, there will be an additional fee required in order to book in a specific delivery date.

  • Our crates range from 800kg – 1.3 tonne. It is important to have a safe access point to hold the weight of a forklift (2.5 tonne) as well as the weight of the crate. New driveways or fresh turf will be destroyed while carrying this weight and a clear pathway is required to ensure there is no damage to your property.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of any unique special conditions or requirements for delivery. Unless prior arrangement, all deliveries will be to the Nature Strip only.

  • If the driver determines that he cannot safely off load the goods due to obstacles and/or safety issues relating to the site, the driver shall place the goods in a safe position.

  • If the above mentioned position does not suit the customer, the goods will be returned to the point of dispatch at the customers cost. It is the customers’ responsibility to provide a suitable and safe vehicular offloading site. Transport costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Customers need to provide safe and adequate access to the site and shall pay for any loss or damage to any public or private property. If the driver has any issues relating to site safety, the driver will request the customer sign a disclaimer.



  • 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel a scheduled delivery.

  • Cancellations before the 48 hour period will not incur a fee.

  • In the event of cancellation within the 48 hour period prior to delivery, a full cartage fee for the delivery will be charged as well as the original delivery fee.








Now that you have selected your products, we need to get them to you. Please remember that our products are heavy. You are welcome to pick up the items yourself but please be prepared to use your muscles and bend your back (and proceed to do it all again when you get home!) Please be advised that you will need a vehicle capable of carrying heavy products or a trailer capable of towing them.

Please note: we will not hand load your trailer for you (should we have time, we will help you). We will place the pallet loads with the use of a forklift IF POSSIBLE within a SAFE & LEGAL travelling load capacity with appropriate safety restraints – e.g. straps.

At any given time Lifestile Pavers Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse to load your vehicle should the customer not comply with safety standards law by NSW work cover and the RTA. Please go to the RTA website for more information.



Height = 4 Metres

Width = 3 Metres

Length = up to 19 Metres


Height = 3 Metres
Width = 3 Metres
Weight = 2.5 Tonne

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