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Granite is available in tile, pencil edge and rebate pool coping. We stock Granite in one colour which has a flamed finish. We stock two sizes - 400x400 and 600x400 with a rebated coping edge available with a 20/60mm drop. 


Granite can be predominately white, pink or grey in colour, depending on the mineralogy. Strictly speaking, Granite is an igneous rock which has between 20% and 60% quartz by volume and at least 35% of the total feldspar consisting of alkali feldspar, although commonly the term "granite" is used to refer to a wider range of coarse-grained igneous rocks containing quartz and feldspar.


Granite is hard enough to resist abrasion, strong enough to bear significant weight, inert enough to resist weathering, and it accepts a brilliant polish. These characteristics make it a very desirable and useful dimension stone.


  • Tumbled edge

  • High density

  • Great anti-slip qualities

  • Available in different formats

  • Consistent colour

  • Resistant to weathering



  • Sealing is recommended

  • Porous and staining

white granite

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