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Limestone is available in pavers, tiles, and French pattern.  We stock Limestone in two colours. Depending on the region in which the limestone was formed, its colour varies from soft whites and creams to jet black.  We stock two sizes - 400x400x30mm and 600x400x30mm in the two colours and tumbled edge coping is available. 


Limestone has been used as a building material for centuries. Some of the world's most historic and iconic landmarks including the Egyptian Pyramids have used the material, proving its durability and strength. Limestone is composed largely of calcite, skeletal fragments of marine organisms which can be seen throughout the finished surface of the stone. Limestone offers timeless appeal and will suit most designs.



  • tumbled edge

  • high density

  • can be laid submerged in water

  • does not retain heat

  • available in different formats



  • sealing is recommended

  • porous and staining 

  • variation in colour and texture


Mocha Limestone Text.jpg


lat 1.jpg


Ramady Limestone 400x400mm
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