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Travertine is available in paver, tile and bullnose pool coping.  We stock Travertine in three colours and two sizes - 406x406, 610x406 as well as French pattern (610x406, 406x406, 406x203 & 203x203).


Sourcing our travertine directly from Turkey, we are pleased to have access to a natural stone product that is beautiful and affordable. Formed of geographical deposits, its complexity in terms of colour, tone and texture is quite remarkable. The open pores and colour variation in travertine are valued for the character they impart on the stone. It gives the look of classical elegance with the rustic feel common to tumbled stone products. 



  • tumbled edge

  • high density

  • can be laid submerged in water

  • does not retain heat

  • available in different formats


  • sealing is recommended

  • porous and staining 

  • variation in colour and texture

navona travertine


noce travertine


silver travertine

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